Welcome to Basic IT Management

Technicians and programmers who are promoted to positions of management over technical staff performing similar skills are typically given little support in the areas of business operations, management, or supervision - yet skill in these areas is necessary for an IT manager to be successful in today's connected enterprises. Unfortunately, management comprises a significantly different skill set than the technical skills that are the new manager's core expertise.


The purpose of this site is to help IT staff become better managers and leaders, developing the basic skills necessary to lead an IT organization. Information on this site will be drawn from my own training, a variety of authoritative sources, and over 25 years of experience as an IT manager.  Basic IT Management comprises a practical course in transitioning from technical producer to IT leader.  

For best results, read each topic in turn, and complete the exercises at the end.  None of the exercises is particularly long or involved, but each illustrates a practical application of the skills discussed in the topic.  Performing the exercises is necessary to both cement your understanding, and increase your retention of the material.

New topics are being developed continually, until the full outline of the course is complete.  So be sure to check back periodically for new lessons.


Topics form the chapters of a basic introductory course in IT Management. It is recommended that you go through the topics in order, as some of the later topics build on the earlier topics.


Articles cover individual issues, activities, skills, or advanced topics related to IT management. You can look at these whenever you are interested.  The articles are generally relatively short and practical.